Chitkara University Synopsis, Thesis Format & Guidelines

6 Aug, 2022

Chitkara University Synopsis, Thesis Format & Guidelines

The thesis shall be computer typed (English- British, Font -Times Roman, Size-12 point) and printed on A4 size paper (as per Annexure 2). The thesis shall be hard bound with cover page in black color. The name of the candidate, degree (specifying the specialization), year of submission, name of the University including college name shall be printed in black on the cover [Refer sample sheet (outer cover)]. 

The thesis shall be typed on one side only with double space with a margin 1.5” cm on the left, 1” on the top, on the right and at bottom. 

In the thesis, the title page [Refer sample sheet (inner cover)] should be given first then the Certificate by the candidate and the supervisor(s) in sequence, followed by an abstract (TO BE PLACED BEFORE CH.1) of the thesis (not exceeding 1500 words). This should be followed by the acknowledgment, list of figures/list of tables, notations/nomenclature, and then contents with page numbers. No such format has been provided for the acknowledgement but candidate must write it to acknowledge University and recommended guide.  

In the body of the text, a reference should be indicated giving author name and year of publication in parent thesis such as (Laroiya, S.C. and Adithan, 1994) and by writing the no of reference paper as [2]. 

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The reference should be in proper format strictly. The format is as follows 

For Example: 

The references are given for example only. These are not real citations.

Journal References

  • [1]. Fuschini F., Falciasecca G., “Experimental investigation of the effects of snowdrifts and ice deposit on linear wire antennas at 2.4 GHz.”, IEEE Antennas and wireless propagation letters, Volume 13, pp: 686-689, 2014.

Conference References 

  • [2]. Zhigang D., Qahouq J.A.A., “Modelling and investigation of magnetic resonance couple wireless power transfer system with lateral misalignment”, Twenty-Ninth Annual IEEE applied power electronics conference and exposition”, pp: 1317-1322, 2014. 

 Books References 

  • [3]. Balanis C.A., “Antenna Theory: Analysis and design”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Second edition, pp: 1-4, 1997. 

URL References 

  • [4]. Microstrip patch antenna calculator, accessed on 4/8/2014 at 10:30 AM.

The diagrams should be printed on a light/white background; Tabular matter should be clearly arranged. Decimal point may be indicated by full stop (.). The caption for Figure must be given at the BOTTOM of the Fig. and Caption for the Table must be given at the TOP of the Table.

The graphs should be combined for the same parameters for proper comparison. Single graph should be avoided as far as possible. 

The format for typing chapter headings, division’s headings and sub division headings are explained through the following illustrative examples.

  • Chapter heading :  CHAPTER 1
  • Division heading   :  1.1 OUTLINE OF THESIS REPORT
  • Sub-division heading :  1.1.2. Literature Review.

The word CHAPTER without punctuation should be centered 50mm down from the top of the page. Two spaces below, the title of the chapter should be typed centrally in capital letters. The text should commence 4 spaces below this title, the first letter of the text starting 20mm, inside from the left hand margin.

The division and sub-division captions along with their numberings should be left-justified. The typed material directly below division or sub-division heading should commence 2 spaces below it and should be offset 20mm from the left hand margin. Within a division or sub-division, paragraphs are permitted. Even paragraph should commence 3 spaces below the last line of the preceding paragraph, the first letter in the paragraph being offset from the left hand margin by 20mm.


  • All pages numbers (whether it be in Roman or Arabic numbers) should be typed without punctuation on the upper right hand corner 20mm from top with the last digit in line with the right hand margin. The preliminary pages of the project report (such as Title page, Acknowledgement, Table of Contents etc.) should be numbered in lower case Roman numerals. The title page will be numbered as (i) but this should not be typed. The page immediately following the title page shall be numbered (ii) and it should appear at the top right hand corner as already specified. Pages of main text, starting with Chapter 1 should be consecutively numbered using Arabic numerals.
  • The numbering of chapters, divisions and sub-divisions should be done, using Arabic numerals only and further decimal notation should be used for numbering the divisions and sub-divisions within a chapter. For example, sub-division 4 under division 3 belonging to chapter 2 should be numbered as 2.3.4. The caption for the sub-division should immediately follow the number assigned to it.
  • Every chapter beginning with the first chapter should be serially numbered using Arabic numerals. Appendices included should also be numbered in an identical manner starting with Appendix 1.
  • Tables and Figures appearing anywhere in the project report should bear appropriate numbers. The rule for assigning such numbers is illustrated through an example. Thus if as figure in Chapter 3, happens to be the fourth then assign 3.4 to that figure. Identical rules apply for tables except that the word Figures is replaced by the word Table. If figures (or tables) appear in appendices then figure 3 in Appendix 2 will be designated as Figure A 2.3. If a table to be continued into the next page this may be done, but no line should be drawn underneath an unfinished table. The top line of the table continued into the next page should, for example read Table 2.1 (continued) placed centrally and underlined.
  • Equations appearing in each Chapter or Appendix should be numbered serially, the numbering commencing a fresh for each Chapter or Appendix. Thus for example, an equation appearing in Chapter 2, if it happens to be the eighth equation in that Chapter should be numbered (2.8)
  • Conclusions must not exceed more than two pages. 

The thesis must consist of at least following chapters: 

Chapter 1-Introduction

Chapter 2-Literature Review 

Chapter 3- Present work

  • (It can span in two to three sub chapters depending on the type and volume of the work) 

Chapter 4- Result and Discussion

Chapter 5-Conclusions and future Scope 


Appendix or Annexure (if any)

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