Jharkhand Rai University Synopsis, Thesis Format & Guidelines

6 Aug, 2022

Jharkhand Rai University Synopsis, Thesis Format & Guidelines

Guidelines for the Thesis:

The final thesis shall be presented in accordance with the following specifications:

  • Each thesis should be typed on white bond paper of Standard A4 size. Margin of at least 3.5 cm on left side, 2.0 cm on right side, 3.0 cm on the top and 2.5 cm on the bottom should be kept. Font New Times Roman and font size of 12 should be used with double spacing on both sides of the sheet. Thesis should have minimum of 150 pages and should not exceed 350 pages.
  • Five copies of the thesis are to be submitted to the University.
  • Pages should be numbered consecutively and clearly.
  • The thesis should be in compact bound form along with two soft copies in the PDF format.
  • All bounded copies must have the title of the thesis, name of the University, degree, name of the Research Scholar, place of the research work, and the month and the year of submission shall be printed on the title page and the front cover. 

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Bibliography and references must be given at the end of the chapters. The bibliography shall contain the details of the books, magazines excerpts from the journals and magazines which have accreditation at the national and International levels. The references shall contain exclusively, the details from the research papers published in reputed journals of national and international standards.  

The reprints of the research articles published by the candidate should be annexured at the end.

The thesis shall be written in English/Hindi. In the faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology the thesis should be preferably in English language. Where the research work is undertaken in language & literature, the thesis shall be written in the respective language.

Page Numbering

(i) Beginning with the first page of the text in the thesis (chapter 1), all pages  should be numbered consecutively and consistently in Arabic numerals through

the appendices.

(ii) Page numbers prior to Chapter 1 should be in lower case Roman numerals. The title page is considered to be page (i) but the number is not printed.

(iii) All page numbers should be placed without punctuation in the upper right hand corner, 12 mm from the top edge and with the last digit even with the right hand margin.

Tables, Figures and Equations

(i) All the tables (tabulated data) and figures (charts, graphs, maps, images, diagrams, etc.) should be prepared, wherever possible, on the same paper being used to type the text. They should be inserted as close to the textual reference as possible.

(ii) Tables, figures and equations should be numbered sequentially either throughout the thesis or chapter-wise using Arabic numerals. They should be referred to in the body of the text capitalizing the first letter of the word and number, as for instance, Table 17, Figure 24, Equation (33), or Table 5.3, Figure 3.11, Equation  (4.16), etc.

(iii) If tables and figures are of only half a page or less, they may appear on the same page as text but separated above and below by triple line spacing. Font size for text should be the same as for the general text.

(iv) Good quality Line Drawings/figures must be drawn using standard software that provides vector rather than bit-map graphics. Figures must be scalable.

(v) Images, Photographs, etc. must be scanned in resolution exceeding 200d pi with 256 gray scales for the monochrome images and 24 bit per pixel for the color images.

The thesis should be free from typographical errors.

Organization of the thesis :

The thesis may be organized in the following manner;

  • Title page
  • Abstract should be submitted separately in bounded form
  • Declaration by the Research Scholar
  • Certificate of the Supervisor in the prescribed format
  • Preface (if applicable )
  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of contents
  • List of tables, figures and illustrations, abbreviations, symbols

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