Ph.D. Education Thesis Writing Services Near Me

26 Apr, 2024

Ph.D. Education Thesis Writing Services Near Me

Ph.D. education is one of the most popular courses among Indian students. The course duration is generally 3 years. In the first year of the course, students have to complete the coursework, and in the remaining 2 years, candidates have to submit a research project. In this research project, candidates have to write a synopsis or research proposal, a thesis, a summary, assignments, research papers, and much more. So writing all these projects or assignments is not like that; they just copy from the internet or take printouts and submit them to the university or college. They have to submit all these items with a proper plagiarism report from approved software like Drillbit, Turnitin, and Urkund. To help such scholars, we are offering all types of writing assistance services, such as topic selection, synopsis or research proposal writing, thesis writing, assignment writing, and research article writing. In addition to the offered services, we also offer plagiarism checking and removal services for the candidates. In this article, we briefly describe our services.

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Ph.D. Education Topic Selection Process

Candidates who are pursuing Ph.D. or any other Master Degree programs in education subjects mostly get stocked while choosing a decent research topic.  There are a lot of options, but they are confused about what will happen if the selected topic is chosen by another candidate. So during this situation, they waste a lot of time, and in the last moment, most of them select the wrong topic to solve this problem. To help them, we have a proper team of experts. Our team members assist and suggest the best research topics for their research projects.

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Ph.D. Education Synopsis Writing Services

Once the topic or title of the research project is finalized by the candidate, they need proper guidance and format for the synopsis. The basic format or structure of the research proposal or synopsis will be provided by the university or institute but the main thing is content. How to write a perfect education research proposal or synopsis. Candidates don't have any sample copies, and they don't know what chapters they should add to this research proposal or synopsis. So to tackle this situation, we have a particular group of experienced writers. They help all such candidates who are specially working professionals or don't know how to write or what to write. Here, for your convenience, we also list up our top 5 education synopsis writers and editors names, qualifications, and work experience in the last section of this article.

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Ph.D. Education Thesis Writing Services

Thesis or Dissertation are the main parts of the Doctorate Degree. The candidate needs to show the quality and important findings in the thesis. As we all know, a Ph.D. is a research-oriented course, so we have to add all points and facts related to the topic in the file. Candidates who are pursuing Ph.D. or M.Phil. education from any university in any mode (full-time or part-time) must submit a plagiarism-free thesis in order to achieve the final degree. As per UGC norms, candidates have to submit a thesis or dissertation with a plagiarism report below 10% from a certified software. After following the rules and regulations, candidates are not able to submit the thesis within the time duration, and even in some cases, they can't complete the thesis or dissertation. 

At this point, we are happy to help you with our experienced faculty members. Our Thesis writing team members are mostly doctorate degree holders from top universities of our country. It would be a better option for all such working professionals who can't devote sufficient time to the thesis. We are also requesting that all the Ph.D. scholars choose companies or freelancers that have experienced staff and writers. We have been in this field for the last 15 years, and we have also completed more than 1000 education thesis and dissertations for all types of government, private, deemed, and central universities.

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Ph.D. Education Research Paper or Article Writing & Publication Services

Research paper or article writing and publication is one of the most important parts of a doctorate degree. We observe that there are lot of Ph.D. scholars who failed in this segment because of lack of knowledge. They don't know how to write a good and effective Education Research Paper. The main reason for the rejection of a research paper is that the candidates don't have any format or writing guidelines for the research paper. Most of our Indian universities accept three types of journals: SCOPUS, UGC-CARE journals, and Peer-Reviewed journals. All three types of journals have different writing guidelines and different rules and regulations. 

To solve this problem, we also have a different team of Education Research Paper writer and publishers. We have more than 20 education related journals that are currently publishing research papers for all types of institutes. We are also publishing research papers in international journals. The charges for all three types of journals remain different. To learn more about our research paper writing and publication services, dial our helpline number and consult with our service executive.

Ph.D. Education Summary Writing Services 

The summary of any education thesis or dissertation is also a challenging task for scholars because we have to summarize a 250- or more-page thesis into 25–30 pages. Candidates don't know what to add, and without proper guidance or knowledge, they just copy and paste some parts of the thesis in the summary and submit it to the department. Once the research supervisor checked the summary, they just rejected the file. 

We have experienced writers who have been working with us for the last 15 years, or who are also working as professors and associate professors at top-level universities in our country. Under each and every faculty member of our company, more than 100 scholars completed their doctorate degrees. So we are requesting to all Ph.D. education scholars of all universities that if they are facing all such problems, just dial our helpline number and give us a chance to provide you with a decent summary of your thesis.

Ph.D. Education Plagiarism Checking and Removal Services

A plagiarism report shows the accuracy and genuineness of any thesis or dissertation. As per UGC norms, candidates have to submit a thesis or dissertation with a 10% plagiarism report. But it is not possible if someone has collected the data from the Internet, and in Introduction and Literature Review chapters, candidates have to take data from the Internet or from other books or journals. Then a plagiarism report of below 10% from any software is not easily possible. 

But don't worry about this plagiarism report because we have professional writers and editors to help you. We are using Turnitin software to check the plagiarism of any content because it is one of the best and most certified software and is mainly used by all universities and government institutes. We will provide you with a genuine report along with plagiarism-free content. 

Ph.D. Education Thesis Binding Services

Thesis binding is the last but most important step of the doctorate degree projects. If you choose the wrong person for this thesis binding process, you may lose all your thesis data because we noticed that on internet there are so many freelancers that are offering Ph.D. Education thesis in just 10K or 15K with all supporting documents. These guys just take data from another students thesis and give it to you. So we are requesting that you choose the right person because it is not just an assignment; you give yourself 3 years to achieve all these. So be careful and give us a chance to provide you with top-notch quality thesis binding at affordable charges. We have a proper team, and we also have all types of papers for thesis printing. 

We also deliver the thesis to your home address from top courier services with proper boxing and precautions.

S.No.NameQualificationWork Experience
1Dr. Sakshi SharmaPh.D. EducationMore than 15 Years
2Dr. SwatiPh.D. EducationMore than 15 Years
3Mr. Sachin KumarM.Phil. EducationMore than 8 Years
4Mr. Dinesh KumarPh.D. EducationMore than 5 Years
5Dr. Prashant SinghPh.D. Education
More than 15 Years