Sarala Birla University Synopsis, Thesis Format & Guidelines

6 Aug, 2022

Sarala Birla University Synopsis, Thesis Format & Guidelines

The thesis shall be a factual record of the scholar’s research work characterized by discovery of facts, or fresh interpretation of facts and theories, or an independent design or development of new product. It should bear evidence of the scholar’s judgment and ability to carry out independent investigation, design and/or development work. 

  • The thesis must contain besides the text and common matters like References and Conclusions:
  • A brief Introduction in which the scholar shall state whether the thesis is based on discovery of new facts or new interpretation of established facts by others, or based on exhaustive study and critical analysis of published work of others, or design, or development work undertaken.
  • The research scholar shall further furnish a statement indicating the sources from which the information has been derived, and the extent to which he/she has based his/her work on the work of others, and shall indicate which portion of the thesis is claimed as original. The scholar shall furnish a declaration in the thesis as given in Annexure VIII. 

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  • An Abstract of the thesis (about 500 words) with key words (about 10).
  • A Certificate (in standard format, Annexure IX) from the Guide/Co-Guide that (a) the work has been carried under his/her/their supervision, (b) the research scholar has fulfilled all prescribed requirements and (c) the thesis which is based on his/her own work has not been submitted elsewhere for a Degree/Diploma. 
  • The cover page of the thesis shall be sky – blue in color and in the standard format as given in Annexure X.
  • The text in the thesis shall be Times New Roman font size 12, typed on only one side of a page. All Figures and Tables shall have appropriate legend.
  • The Thesis submitted for the Ph.D. degree shall not be one for which any degree or diploma has already been awarded by any other Institution or for any other candidate at SBU itself. No two theses shall have common content even if the work has been shared between different individuals. 

Appropriate use of headings and subheadings in Sarala Birla University PhD Thesis

Headings should be distinguished from the surrounding text by larger font size, a different font, bolding, italics, or a combination of these. All headings of the same level should use the same style, and headings at lower levels should be less prominent than those at higher levels. Examples:

  • CHAPTER TITLE: (Times New Roman 16 Point -Bold Uppercase)
  • Heading for the section: (Times New Roman 14 point - Bold Italic)
  • Heading for sub-section: (Times New Roman 12 point – Bold)

All headings should be left-aligned, except chapter headings, which may be centered. The headings and subheadings should preferably be numbered, as required.

Overall General Format of the Sarala Birla University Thesis

The manuscript consists of three main parts: Preliminaries, Text, and the Annexure. It is to be arranged in the following sequence:

  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Declaration~ by the student
  • Certificate by the Research Guide
  • Approval of the Thesis
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of Contents
  • List of figures, Tables, or Illustrations
  • List of Abbreviations (optional)
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • Bibliography/References
  • List of publications from Thesis
  • Appendices

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